Best 10 Ceramic Heaters

While still being electric heaters, ceramic heaters don’t generate their warmth directly from the electricity, but instead, they use a heating element (in this case the ceramic) which is what receives the heat and produces more, and then it’s distributed with the power of a fan.

This combined radiant/fan technology makes the most efficient, powerful and energy saving models in the market. Of course, they have their specific uses and if you’re planning to heat up a large garage that freezes, they may not be your choice.

Nevertheless, when it comes to house heaters, room heaters, and even small basement/garage heaters, these ceramic heaters reviews will convince you that they include everything you need. Let’s take a look at the top #10 best ceramic heaters.

Best 10 Ceramic Heaters

Almost any product in the market counts with one or two specific brands that are known for its top quality and focus on the particular product.

The case of best ceramic heaters is no different; Lasko and Honeywell (especially Lasko) are by far the most specialized brands in this kind of heaters. Not in vain their products are the top rated in Amazon with hundreds and even thousands of reviews.

While there’re a couple other products that are completely worth it too, this ceramic heaters review will focus on these two top brands, as they really offer the best of best. Let’s check them out.

Best Lasko Ceramic Heaters reviews

1.Top #1 best Lasko product – Lasko 6435 Designer Series

Ceramic Heater with Remote Control

 Lasko 6435 Designer Series

With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and 4,4 out of 5 stars, this is without a doubt the most integral and complete Lasko ceramic heater review in the market. Of course, it has a specific purpose and can’t compete if you need other characteristics, but in general lines, everything is worth it in this model: design, features, performance and energy use.

This heater is completely designed to be the best ceramic heater for any house or apartment. Its antique vessel designed with a crackled finish and a scrollwork bending base will add a hint of mystery and luxury to your home’s decoration and it also suits almost any kind of décor.

Its 90° widespread oscillation feature distributes the heat evenly making it reach larger spaces and it can be adjusted with two heat settings. It also includes a thermostat-managed auto-setting that keeps your house at the desired temperature without having to constantly change the setting.

It’s really easy to control as it has easy-adjustable electronic controls on top and includes a remote controller with a 7-hr timer.

Its powerful 1,500watts motor can heat up to 400 sq. ft. in minutes, allowing you to set the temperature from 60° to 85° (the thermostat is marked five to five). As it works with ceramic, this model only use a small amount of electricity for moving the fan, making it one of the most energy-saving models.


  • Overheating auto shut-off for safety.
  • Comfort features (thermostat, remote controller and timer).
  • Beautiful, mysterious antique vessel design.
  • Powerful enough heat up spaces of up to 400 sq. ft. in less than 30 minutes.
  • Oscillation feature helps to distribute the heat easily.
  • Controllers are modern and easy to adjust.


  • Indicator lights can’t be shut off and may bother some users during the night.
  • Each time you change a setting it emits a “beep” that may be annoying.
  • The fan speed can’t be adjusted.
  • The thermostat is not as precise, as it comes in 5-to-5 degrees instead of 1.

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2.Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

LASKO 760000

With the size of a trash can and semi-slim design, this portable heater is fairly portable and space saving. It’s convenient that you can move it wherever you need so it won’t have to be installed in a permanent place.

When it comes to heating, this is a great heater for warming quickly a 350 sq. ft. room, producing maximum heat at 1,500watts and a lower setting for gentle warmth. The adjustable thermostat includes a 7hrs timer.


  • Included remote controller.
  • Safety features such as cool-to-touch exterior and overheating protection.
  • Glyde-system levers pivot for directing the heat.
  • Built-in carry handle.
  • Ionic air purifier.


  • The thermostat may not be too accurate.
  • The high temperature is noisy.
  • The unit is a bit large for small bedrooms.

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3.Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

with Digital Display and Remote Control

lasko 755320

Another Amazon’s best-seller, this ceramic tower heater is also very convenient when it comes to heating rooms. With its tall and tubular design, it can easily be placed in any corner and occupy almost zero space.

This is practically the more-portable-room version of the previous model with the same 1,500 watts motor and two settings. It’s also very safe with overheating self-regulated ceramic element and extra overheating protection.

The difference is that thermostat only works with the highest setting and this model doesn’t include the ionic air filter.


  • More portable and occupies less space than the previous model by delivering the same power.
  • Remote Controller included.
  • Comfortable top button control.
  • Easy handle for transportation.
  • Oscillating function.


  • The thermostat only works on high setting.
  • Doesn’t include an ionic air filter.
  • Easier to tip over.

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4.Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

LASKO #100

Our last Lasko ceramic heater review is for this personal heater. While the other heaters were designed to warm up the house or an entire room, this baby focuses on warming you directly.

It’s the ideal piece for being in the kitchen, at the job desk or simply when being on your computer or watching TV. It counts with 200 watts power and a built-in fan that blows the heat directly on your personal space.

As it designed to warm only around you, it’s really small and portable and you can take it with you whenever you want. You won’t even have problems carrying it every day to the office and back.

But the fact it is small doesn’t mean it lacks safety measures; a cool-to-touch surface will protect you from accidentally burn your hands or arms while having it on your desk. And an overheating protection will protect the unit and the surrounding object from melting.


  • Very economical to use since it only draws enough energy to heat you directly (200 watts).
  • 6” cord allows connecting it to not-so-close outputs.
  • Very small and portable you can carry it anywhere.
  • Easy turn on/off button.
  • ETL listed.


  • No adjustable temperature.
  • The first time you turn it on it will draw 300 watts.

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Best Honeywell ceramic heaters

Top #1 Honeywell product – Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius Ceramic Heater


This Honeywell is a very safe ceramic heater that focuses on providing multiple heating options for different purposes. With its heating functionalities, it allows to gradually set your room or house in the right temperature without overheating, and according to your needs.

What makes this heater so different from others is that it includes 6 particular heating settings for a comfortable and convenient performance.

The first one is the floor option that heats only the lower part of the ceramic element in order to warm the floor around it and, why not? Your cold feet. The second ones are the two moderate-heat level personal functions, specially designed for direct heating. The third ones are the whole room options of moderate-to-high heat levels, ideal for small or large rooms (up to 350 sq. ft.).

  If none of these is good for your needs, you can also use the thermostat, in low or high to choose the exact right temperature for you.

The two last modes are the most sophisticated and convenient ones. The first consists in a timer that produces different amount of heats in different intervals in a lapse of 2 hours, starting with the maximum heat and slowly going down to keep the room at the right temperature, until it goes off.

The second consists of a quiet mode that offers a gentle warming and reduces the fan speed to a comfortable and silent breeze for the perfect relaxation.


  • Specially focused on offering multipurpose heating options.
  • Enough potency for up to 350 sq. ft.
  • Tip over shut-off.
  • Quiet mode for relaxation.
  • Smart and efficient use of the heating element assures long useful life.


  • No oscillation feature.
  • While the quiet mode is really quiet, the other modes may generate some white noise.
  • No fan-only feature.
  • The floor feature only works at a nearby radius.

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Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energy Smart Cool Touch Heater

Honeywell HZ-7300

This Little room heater is another great option among the best ceramic heaters. It saves a lot of energy by only heating your room and with its oscillating function, you can rest assured it will evenly distribute the warmth so you won’t have cold spots.

Perfect for cold and coldest months, it includes low and high settings and with its adjustable thermostat, you’ll be able to keep your room at the desired temperature all the time. That’s ideal for the night when you won’t want to wake up due to extreme heat or cold.


  • Safety features: tip over switch and overheats shut-off (it rarely overheats) and cool-to-touch housing.
  • Two heat settings and adjustable thermostat.
  • Oscillating function.
  • Separate on/off button.
  • Digital smart technology with an indicator of energy usage.
  • Portable and easy to carry around even though it has no handle.


  • A bit basic for its price.
  • The top controllers are a bit confusing at first.
  • Doesn’t include a handle.
  • The thermostat only works on five-to-five degrees.

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Kaz Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Heater

Kaz Honeywell HCE100B

The portable version of Honeywell is without a doubt a great option, even best than the Lasko as it offers better features and a bit more warmth. While the Lasko lacks heating settings, this smaller buddy has low and high settings of 170watts and 250watts respectively.

It’s, of course, focused on heating you personally so it won’t heat an entire room, but it’s so practical that you can take it to the office, kitchen, desk, and even bathroom! Also, it’s a great help if you suffer from cold feet.


  • Safety features include cool to touch surface, flame-resistant materials, tip-over switch and overheating protection.
  • Easy-to-use manual controls.
  • Two heating settings.
  • Very quiet.
  • Small, portable and very economical to use.


  • Not very good if used in an open area
  • It takes at least 20 minutes to warm up.

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Other options

Brightown 750W/1500W Etl Listed Quiet Ceramic Space Heater

With Adjustable Thermostat, Portable Electric Heater Fan With And Carrying Handle

Brightown 750W1500W

This is the perfect heater for small rooms or offices. It can be placed at a big desk or below it and will create perfect warmth for personal use. If used in an enclosed room, it has power enough to heat the whole room, and it also has a fan only option so it can suit multiple purposes.


  • ETL listed offers tipping over protection and overheat shut-off.
  • Multiple purpose settings; low 750watt, high 1,500watt and cool air fan-only.
  • Quiet when the fan is off.
  • Included thermostat for keeping the temperature on the room comfortable.


  • Loud if the fan is on.
  • All plastic materials.
  • Not for use in humid areas.

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AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater


As almost any AmazonBasic product, this one is a really good basic ceramic heater. Its price, good reviews and features put it as one of the best ceramic heaters. It offers 1500watts potency at the high setting, it also offers a low setting and a fan only, which allows to both warm-up and cool down if needed.

Thanks to its oscillating feature, it can easily heat a bedroom even if it has some ventilation. It’s very portable and with a medium-to-small size so it will fit perfect under or over a desk or everywhere you need. Also, it includes a comfortable handle to carry it around.


  • ETL listed with safety features including auto-shut off when overheating, and tip-over switch.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Multipurpose settings high-low heat and fan only.
  • Safety features.
  • User-friendly manual controls.
  • Oscillation feature.


  • Not for use in humid areas.
  • The tip sensor is a bit oversensitive so it may present problems if placed over a carpet.
  • The oscillation feature can’t be turned off.

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Bovado USA Ceramic Space Heater, Personal Warming Fan

with Adjustable Thermostat, Carrying Handle & Safety Features – by Comfort Zone (Black)


This is another great option for those ones looking for a personal heater. This may be the best ceramic heater on the portable spectrum. Comfort Zone tests all its products to meet standards, it also offers great heating power.

Even with its small size, it offers 1,500 watts with complete temperature regulator; three settings including a fan-only setting for cooling purposes and thermostat. It includes all needed safety features and it’s basically a room heater but miniature (not as big as a room heater and not as small as the Lasko or Honeywell personals).


  • Complete temperature regulator with separated high, low and fan-only knob and thermostat knob.
  • Really portable, light and small to carry everywhere.
  • Meets global safety standards: UL, ETL, SAA, CE, CSA, & NOM
  • Outside handle.
  • Overheat and tip over shut-off.


  • Not so cool-to-touch surface.
  • Considerably loud.
  • Not very convenient handle.

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