The Honeywell digital ceramic heater is designed for a standard sized room. An average family room would be a good place to use the Honeywell HCE311v to approximately 15 minutes. It is an ideal heater for small spaces not only because of its size but also its limited noise. In an office cubicle, for example, you will not want to interfere with your neighboring coworkers present.  Perhaps what makes the heater popular in majority of households today is the digital display that is easy to read and use. The buttons are self-explanatory so you do not have to spend much of your time with the manual. It weighs only 3.4 pounds and comes with a fan timer. It is the size of an ukulele in width but can heat up an entire 12X12 room for at most 15 minutes.

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If you forget to turn it off you will be surprised at the unbearable heat of over 70 degrees that you will endure in your room. The timer has 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour options on the settings and 2 constant heat settings. The exterior has a cool touch housing and handle with easy-to-use controls.  The timer feature on the Honeywell HCE311v is impressive too. You do not have to worry about forgetting to switch it off when you leave it turned on. The automated feature helps reduce risks and saves on energy. The  oscillating feature, which is now common in any Honeywell digital ceramic heater, is vital invention. It helps to evenly distribute heat in the room. The key areas to use in rating this device are its output, room heating, and spot heating ability. The output is predetermined by the manufacturer’s verified watts rating. There is a testing process before the wattage is determined. At 1500 watts, the Honeywell ceramic heater has an average safe-for-the household wattage.  According to other customers who have used the Honeywell heater for over two months frequently, they are efficient. The customers reports reveal that the timers work well especially when the desired temperature is attained.

The thermostats are durable and effective in putting the heater to standby with precision. The company is committed to replacing their products in case of faulty mechanical parts. Do not hesitate to turn it in as it comes with a 3-year warranty. They will gladly send you a new machine if you encounter a major problem like complete failure. Keep the contact from the manual because it may come in very handy someday. Their contacts are also available on their website so accessing them is not a problem. You will incur the expenses of sending the unit to the Honeywell if it malfunctions. They require a USD10.00 for handling, return packing and shipping to you. If your unit breaks down after almost 3 years (but within the warranty period), you will need to re-think the cost of a completely new heater or taking advantage of the warranty.

Safety Features

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The engineers of the Honeywell digital ceramic heater invested in safety precautions to keep the customer out of danger. You can gain confidence in learning the standards of safety in this Honey well heater. For example, there are warning signs to remind you about the surge protector or unplugging it from the wall outlet. It also has a thick protective extension cord and power tap to keep you safe.  You will not be getting into any trouble such as melting it down due to over-heating if you heed the warnings.  It also has an LCD display and programable thermostat as it is the latest Honeywell digital ceramic heater.


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The major drawback that most customers report is that the thermostat fails to initiate the heater fan back on until is 5 degrees below the set temperature. For users who rely on the thermostat rather than the high/low setting, this is common. You will have to remember setting the temp 5 degrees higher to achieve your desired level. In the end, you may get frustrated with varying temperatures that you are not comfortable with. The inability of the Honeywell digital ceramic heater to sense room temperature with precision is wanting.


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This is where the timer function comes in handy as a solution. You can always achieve your preferred temperature and maintain it in the room by setting it appropriately to initiate and terminate.  For error codes, you can call Honeywell with contacts available of page 6 of the manual. For example, if you have an E1 sign with beeps every time you switch it on, you may to take it back for replacement while you still have warranty. This is the most common fault associated with the heater. If you have large rooms, the Honeywell digital ceramic heater may not be very helpful. This is also the case with multiple rooms. It may not work well in providing the evenly distributed heat you need. In conclusion, the Honeywell heater is a good companion during winter especially if you are on a road-trip. Spending time in small rooms during winter can be more comfortable and fun if you have one of these heaters. A Honeywell ceramic heater is also rugged and hence well-suited for portability. The device will help you keep even warmth with automated switches at different temperatures. The low option uses 900 watts and without much noise, keeps you comfortable. It can run continuously on this low mode to over 68 degrees.

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