751320 ceramicIf you need to heat your house, consider space heaters; they are reliable and consistent in temperature as well as energy saving. Space heaters differ is size and settings. You need to consider the heat intensity and number of people that you target to benefit with the heater before buying one. Space heaters save on your heating bills; they are efficient and effective in generating heat to a wide area. Lasko ceramic tower heater acts on the same principle; the reverse power motor technique warms your house by dispersing air particles. Whether your house is big or small, a Lasko 751320 will suit your needs. The manufacturer provides various sizes for different house heating needs.

A Long Lasko Ceramic Element Heater

Apart from convenience and flexibility of Lasko ceramic heater, this review focuses on effectiveness of the tower heater. It will be of no use to have a beautiful appliance with all the attractive features in your living room if it does not serve its primary function. This review highlights all essentials of a home heater.

Why Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater?

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater Review
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Lasko 751320 fits in any corner of the room. There is no hassle of identifying a specific place; it stands anywhere depending on our airflow needs. It is not heavy, you can move around the house easily without limitations with cables and fear of damaging the heater. Lasko ceramic tower heater function on common principle; the heating is purely mechanical. The blades rotation in reverse changes orientation of airflow and level of temperature.  So long as a room is not open or extreme in size, this space heater will function effectively. The tower design enhances its heat capability by increasing temperatures and heat waves up to 40 feet. Whether you are on the bed or working in your living room, the heat will spread to every corner. Some people prefer to place it on top of a table or a high surface; while there is an effect with regards to free flow of warm air, Lasko ceramic tower heater does not require elevation. The tower heater is integrated with powerful motor, which spreads air both sideways and upwards; you don’t have to worry about its positioning. Power motor of this heating appliance is incomparable.


The blades rotate successively to generate significant heat in a room. The tower heater works on simple scientific facts; heated air is light and automatically rises. If you are placing the tower heater on top a higher surface for design or safety with respect to kids in the house, it makes sense; otherwise, Lasko ceramic tower heater is independent. The versatility of this fan is impressive. While it is not suitable for large rooms, you can divide a room into two and focus on heating one part then shift to the other. Power source and installation of the tower heater is quick and easy. It is like shifting an electronic to control direction of music. You will be surprised by how the fan quickly heats your room. Winter will no longer be boring and gloomy with this Lasko ceramic tower heater. Unlike other types of heaters and fans that have to be installed in specific locations, this tower fan can be moved whenever you need heat in a different room. The flexibility of installing this fan is incredible; it is more of plug and play. In fact, you can share the space heater; heat your room for an hour before bed and pass it on to the next room. By the time heat subsides, you will be deep asleep.Lasko-751320-Ceramic-Tower-Heater-1

The good coverage of heat around rooms cannot be compared to traditional home heating systems. There is no excuse to not owning a tower heater; the Lasko ceramic tower heater is offered at a relatively low price. It is a one-time investment that will not affect your energy bills. If there is no other convincing reason for you to acquire this tower heater, compare its initial and maintenance costs and traditional home heating costs. Also, the manufacturer eases your control and flexibility with a remote control. Accoridng to the manufacturer portability is not enough for a fan; it has to be convenient to switch it on/off. If the bedroom gets too hot or too cold in the middle of the night, you don’t have to interfere with your sleep to walk to a Lasko ceramic tower heater; pressing a button is enough. You can adjust blade rotation speeds and orientation to suit different airflow needs. The manufacturer has given it all to make the heater effective and convenient.


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  • Lasko ceramic tower heater has an electronic panel for all nature of control.
  • Auto setting for thermostat controlled heating.
  • Built-in safety features.
  • Lasko ceramic heater has high and low heat settings.
  • A flexible and convenient handle.
  • Widespread oscillation, which covers wise area in a room.
  • Multi-function remote control.
  • Noticeable air velocity.
  • ETL listed.
  • 1500 watts of heating power.
  • 7-hour timer.

3-Year Warranty

The Lasko ceramic element heater comes fully assembled and is easy to use. It is plug and play; there are additional installation costs or hassle of engaging a professional to install. If you are looking for reliability and convenience, the lasko tower heater is your best choice.

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