Best Radiant BarriersRising temperature is a common occurrence in the summer. Keeping down the heat in the summer can be very expensive when you depend solely on your air conditioning system to do the job. Radiant barrier insulation is different from thermal insulation systems. They are highly reflective materials that are designed to reflect out radiant heat. We certainly know that finding the best radiant barrier insulation for our home can be difficult these days with all the new products coming up every day. There are a lot of brands rolling out new products. Each brand claims to top the others. Going beyond this marketing promises, we have collected a list of the top 7 best radiant barrier insulation system available in the market for you. All the selected brands are highly efficient and recommended to suit your preference and budget.

Top 7 Radiant Barriers

Finding the best when it comes to best radiant barrier insulation demands that you get your information from a reliable source. Below are our top 7 picks when it comes to the best radiant barriers you can easily find around in the market today.

Super R Plus Radiant Barrier


Depending on where you live, the cost of electricity bills can be very high in the summer especially if you use the electric air conditioners. This is due to the fact that the room heats up very fast during the summer and requires a lot of power to perform effectively. Running the air condition system for so long can be overbearing in your bills. That is why the Super R Plus Radiant Barrier is designed to help you keep out most of that heat and maintain the condition of your attic space much longer.

This commercial grade radiant barrier is designed for high efficiency. It comes in 1500sqft rolls measuring 4ft x 4ft x125ft. When it comes to selecting a radiant barrier, this is one of the thickest you will get in the market. The Super R Radiant Barrier is also very strong and reliable. The strength of this product makes it the best radiant barrier in the market. It ranks as the best overall on this list because of its durability and efficiency which has made it a choice brand for most people. The product specification meets ASTM C1313 standard recommended for Sheet Radiant Barriers. It is specifically designed for use in building construction.

This product consists of a two-sided highly reflective metalized material reinforced with polyethylene. Each 1000 square feet roll weighs 32lbs. the Super R plus Radiant Barrier is resistant to fungus with a 95% reflectivity.

This product is certainly one of the best radiant barriers to consider in keeping the heat down and maintaining a nice and friendly temperature.


• Improved Strength and Toughness.
Serves all the benefits of the Super R plus with improved strength and toughness. This improved strength makes it easy to work with this product without fear of incurring too much damage.

• Highly reflective and very effective.
This product is very effective and guarantees high performance and effectiveness. The material used in the production of this product is metalized aluminum which is a highly reflective material.

• Easy to install.
The installation process of this product is easy and can be done without much assistance from a professional

• Anti-fungi and long-lasting.
Fungal growth can be a factor that can limit the performance of your product and cause them to wear out easily. It’s a good thing that this product is anti-fungi and certainly designed to last much longer.

• Very portable.
The product is lightweight and can be easily carried to the location where it is needed. This makes installation easy.

• Double-sided and effective
This makes installation even easier as any of the sides can be installed without fear of the wrong installation.


• Installation requires the assistance of a professional.

User Critic

There is hardly any user critic found online about this product. However, the few available ones all gave this product a five-star rating.

Final Verdict
This product remains the best product to put your money into going by its product description.

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This product is one of the top-rated radiant barriers available in the market. The radiant guard ultima has a dimension of 49 x 6 x 6 inches and comes in mainly silver color. The radiant guard ultima weighs 15lbs for a 500 square feet roll. It is double sided and perforated. This radiant barrier insulation is of pure aluminum and has 97% reflectance ability. The radiant guard ultima is designed to help reduce the attic temperature of the residence for up to 40 degrees.
The radiant guard ultima is resistant to tear and puncture proof. Notwithstanding, it is easy to cut with utility scissors or a hacksaw. It is easy to install and maintain and do not contain any toxic or carcinogenic materials. It is also fiber-free. This top-rated radiant barrier is anti-Bactria and anti-fungi and is not affected by humidity. One of the most impressive factors about this product is the fact that it does not support insect and rodent nesting. This product meets with ASTM standard requirements and certified as a radiant barrier (C1313).
The Radiant Guard Ultima exceeds all the requirements for building materials which include smoke, fire (ASTM-86) and breathability (ASTM E-86). It is capable of blocking up to 99.06% of RF signals for SCIF rooms.
The method of installation of this product is by stapling under the rafters of the attic roof.


• Highly effective and blocks up to 97% RF.
• Durable and tear proof.
• Easy to work with and cuts easily with utility scissors or hacksaw.
• Maintenance of this product is easy.
• Anti-fungal material for a long-lasting experience.


  • This product is perforated and is not water resistant.

User Critic

Form information gathered from customer reviews, we can draw the fact that this product has a very positive impact on the people who tried out this product. They rate this radiant barrier very high and all agree that this product is also very effective.
There are, however, a few clients who have issues with spending long hours installing this radiant barrier. Other minor complaints from this product stem from wrong installation.

Final Verdict
There are a lot of good products when it comes to radiant barriers. None the less, if you’re looking for a radiant barrier that offers both satisfaction and which is cost-efficient, the RadiantGuard Ultima is one product you should invest in. This product is certainly the best one for the price.

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The RadiantGuard Xtreme


The RadiantGuard Xtreme is one product you certainly can’t miss its qualities when it comes to selecting radiant barrier foils. This brand comes in rolls of 1000 square feet and weighs 17 pounds. They are perforated and consist mainly of aluminum film radiant barrier insulation. The RadiantGuard Xtreme is capable of reflecting up to 95% radiant heat.
It is used in new constructions to reduce attic heat for up to 40 degrees and saves you the cost of running electricity bills all year round.
The RadiantGuard Xtreme is high quality and industrial grade. It is puncture and tear proof and designed to cut easily with utility scissors or a hacksaw. This brand is ASTM certified. This product is your best choice when you want to save the stress of treating for fungal growth after some time. This is because the material used in manufacturing the RadiantGuard Xtreme is anti-fungi and anti-bacterial.
The Breathable nature of this product makes it suitable for both attic space installation and home installation. The two ways this radiant barrier can be installed is by either stapling it to the bottom of the attic roof beam or you can simply roll it over the attic floor.


• Designed with high reflective material
This product is designed with highly reflective material for efficiency and long lasting insulation.

• Maintenance of this product is easy
This product is easy to maintain. In short, it is a maintenance free product that does not support the growth of fungi and the nesting of insects and birds.

• Breathable and suitable for home materials.
The perforated material is ideal when it comes to building and wrapping up of attic space.

• High quality and able to withstand wear and puncture
The RadiantGuard Xtreme is designed to prevent tear and puncture to reduce the amount of damage you incur during installation.

• Bigger rolls mean more space to be covered
While the majority of radiant barriers come in a 500sqft roll, this brand comes in 1,000sqft rolls which means more square meters will be covered.


• The product breathable and therefore not water resistant.• The process of installation can be tedious and may involve long hours to conclude.

User Critic

According to RadiantGuard Xtreme radiant barrier consumer reports, this product has garnered a lot of positive reviews to the worthy of gracing the list as one of the top-rated radiant barriers. There are also customers from New Orleans who also admit to the effectiveness of this radiant barrier. One client, however, pointed out an important fact about this product. He made mention of the fact that the product is highly flammable. Another customer who bought and installed this product admits to the fact that it took long hours to get this product installed.

Final Verdict
Finding a product that lives up to its marketing promises can be sometimes tasking. That is why when you finally find one, you shouldn’t hesitate in throwing in your cash. The RadiantGuard Xtreme is certainly one product that lives up to its marketing promises. This product works and is worth every penny spent on it.

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Nasa Tech Radiant Barrier


This 1000 square feet radiant barrier is designed for commercial purposes. It is designed for high-quality performance and long-lasting experience. The NASA TECH radiant barrier is made of double-sided highly reflective material. It is one of the strongest when it comes to a radiant barrier. The NASA Tech radiant barrier is a heavy duty and industrial grade item. It is perforated material.

The NASA TECH is made of a 5ply material for improved strength and to prevent tear and puncture. It has a 99.97% Reflective E value which makes it suitable for reflecting radiant heat instead of absorbing it. This heavy duty commercial grade radiant barrier is designed to withstand heavy handling and stress without wrinkling badly, puncturing or even tearing. It is also designed to cut easily with a utility knife, hacksaw or scissors. This helps to increase installation speed.

The NASA TECH radiant barrier insulation is ideal for new constructions and retrofit. This is because it is non-toxic, and it is anti-fungi/anti-bacterial. It also prevents ants and birds from nesting. It also prevents the rodents from nesting. It is very effecting in new and even existing buildings. This radiant barrier is able to withstand climatic change and is also not affected by humidity. Therefore, you do not need a routine maintenance after installation.
When you’re looking for a high-quality alternative to the bulky bubble wrap and other insulation systems, this product will certainly provide the required results.

This product meets with the requirements of ASTM standard on fire and smoke safety and also breathability standard for building constructions. The use of this product goes beyond attic roofs and floors, it can be used to line garage doors, barns, and workshops, high rising homes that require proper insulation, warehouses, and even storage units.
This product has a 120-day return of money guarantee (100%). You can always return for your money if within 40 days of use you find this product dissatisfying in any way.


• Heavy duty and reliable material
Strong anti-tear and puncture material that can withstand heavy handling and make installation easy.

• High reflectivity
The NASA TECH radiant barrier is doubled sided and highly reflective, it reflects radiant heat perfectly rather than absorbing it. This makes it a suitable material to help maintain the conditions of your space much longer.

• Lightweight and easy to handle
The material is lightweight and less bulky. It’s the best alternative to bulky insulation system such as the bubble faced foil wraps.


• A bit expensive when compared to other radiant barriers.
• Perforated and therefore not water resistant.
• Can be a cause of electrical hazard in case of wiring problems. This is due to the fact that it is metallic.
• Needs to be combined with other forms of insulation in cold climates.
• It is anti-fungal but not anti-dust and therefore still requires cleaning is installed in open areas.

User Critic

According to NASA TECH radiant barrier consumer report, this product is certainly a high-quality product. Most of the users agree that this product effectively serves its purpose. Most of the people who invested in this product are also of the agreement that it is easy to install. However, one user was not in agreement with the strength of this product, he is of the view that his product strength was below the quality described. This may have resulted from the purchase of a defective product. This, however, can happen once in a while to any product brand and not unique to the NASA TECH alone.

Final Verdict
If you will spend our money, on a radiant barrier, this product certainly lives up to its marketing promises and works effectively.

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House Tables Radiant Barrier Insulation Foil


Keeping out the heat from the attic space is a plus when you want to maintain the temperature of your home and reduce the cost of using the electric cooling system. One way to do this is by using Houseable Radiant Barrier Insulation. This radiant barrier is designed to reflect radiant heat and lower the temperature of your home for up to 40 degrees. This 1,000 square feet foil insulation barrier roll has a length of 250ft and a width of 4ft.

The use of this product certainly results in a noticeable drop in the temperature of your home, especially in summer. This is certainly one way of reducing cooling cost by up to 10%. This, however, boils down to the region where you live.

This product is of a high standard and designed with double sides for easy installation. It is resistant to tear and puncture and is very efficient when it comes to reflecting radiant heat. We are all aware that the absorption of radiant heat is one major reason that causes the home to heat up rapidly during the summer.

The Houseable Radiant Barrier Insulation Foil is particularly thin and feels soft when you touch it. However, it is strong enough to withstand a substantial amount of handling, it is tear-proof and puncture proof and also designed to reduce wrinkling.

During installation, cutting this product is very easy. All you need is utility scissors or knife. You do not need special protective gadgets or installation tools. This product is one you can easy install by yourself without much assistance from a professional.
This product has a 90-day 100% money back guarantee in case you purchase this product and find it below your expectation or it does not provide the required satisfaction.


• Easy to install
This product does not require special skills to install. All you need is just cut and staple on the attic rafter or lay on the attic floor.

• ASTM Compliant
This product meets all the safety requirements for building materials and home installation.

• Easy to maintain
This product is very easy to maintain. This is due to the fact that it is anti-fungi and does not support ants and rodents nesting. It requires almost no maintenance after a successful installation.

• A highly reflective material
The high reflective nature makes it effective in reflecting radiant heat and helps in maintaining the temperature of your home.

• Thin and convenient to work with
This product is thin and convenient to work with. It is lightweight and can be easily carried without much effort to the location where it is needed.


• Metal-based products are generally expensive and this product is certainly not an exception.
• Metal products are conductors and can constitute a great hazard in cases faulty wires.
• Not water resistant.

User Critics

There are no much user critics online about this product at the moment. Therefore, if you wish to try this product, you may as well be willing to provide an honest review of your product experience.

Final Verdict
Going by this product feature it is certainly a product that works and is worth the trial.

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Pure Aluminum Perforated Radiant Barrier


This brand is not very popular when it comes to radiant barriers. However, it is an effective way of keeping the temperature conducive during the summer. This 1000sqft material has a length of 125ft and width of 4ft. it is breathable and double-sided. This product is made from pure aluminum foil and is capable of reflecting 97% of the radiant heat causing the home to heat up during the summer. The pure aluminum perforated radiant barrier met all the required standards for ASTM approval.


• The installation process for this product is easy and required no special skills or tools.
• Effective in reflecting up to 97% of the radiant heat that causes our home to heat up in the summer.
• Effective in reducing attic temperature and also reduces the cost of running an air conditioner all years round.
• Prevents nesting by beds, insects, and rodents.


• May not be suitable in cold climates.
• This product is not water resistant.
• May constitute a risk in case of broken or faulty wires.

User Critic

The pure aluminum perforated radiant barrier is a new entry into the market. More users are therefore needed in other to know how effective this product can be. Be sure to post your own review if you finally decide to buy this product.

Final Verdict
Not so much about this product can be found and therefore, this product can be a bit risky to invest in. You can invest you are certain you can handle the outcome.

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Diamond Radiant Barrier Solar Attic Foil


This two rolls of 1000sqft measuring 4ft x 250ft (W x L) each is suitable for residential homes and easy to lay over existing insulation systems. The Diamond Radiant Barrier Attic Foil comes in 500sqft and 1000sqft. However, for those looking for a more convenient size, there are also custom sizes.

This remains the first product to be produced by innovative insulation engineering. This product is two-sided and consists of a highly reflective aluminum coated polyester film. It contains a reinforced scrim inside and is capable of reflecting radiant heat in any season. The Diamond Radiant Barrier is suitable for retrofitting existing structures. It is stapled on the rafter of the attic space. This product weighs just 16.35lb s per 1000sqft rolls with a tear strength of 2.32 pounds in length and 1.50 pounds (width). This product is resistant to fungi and bacteria growth.


• This product meets with all the qualifications of ASTM E84 as well as E2599 fire code.
• The Diamond Radiant Barrier is clean and very portable. It is easy to install.
• This product can cut down your expenditure on energy for up to 10 percent.
• Suitable for attic spaces and retrofits.
• Prevents rodents, ants, and birds from nesting.


• Perforated and not water resistant.
• A bit expensive to purchase.

User Critic

There are a handful of positive reviews about this product. According to radiant barrier consumer reports, the diamond radiant barrier certainly offers some good benefits. User review shows that this product really actually performs beyond expectation.

Final Verdict
There are few radiant barriers that can perform as much as the Diamond Radiant Barrier. It is certainly a product you should buy when next you are looking for a radiant barrier to help keep your home conducive in the summer.

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How to install radiant barrier insulation

It is true that most of the heat that comes into our living space comes through the roof. The radiant barrier is your best option when you want to reduce the cost of the cooling system as well as keep out all that radiant heat that heats up your home. Radiant barrier installation can reduce the temperature of your home for up to 30 degrees.

One easy method of installation is by stapling the radiant barrier under the rafters of the roof. This is capable of reflecting up to 97% of the radiant heat entering the home through the roof. This reduces the number of times you have to use the electric cooling system. It is certainly a great way of cutting down on how much you spend on electric bills.
There is also another way of installing the radiant barrier which is referred to as the secondary method of installation. This method is done by laying the radiant barrier over the attic space instead of stapling it. This method will not lower the temperature of the attic space, however, it will reflect the radiant heat heating its surface. This can also reduce the level of heat transfer from the attic space. This method is a very good compensation for the exposed AC ducts. You can easily lay the radiant barrier over the AC duct to prevent them from the heat.
The only problem with the second method is the fact that it can lead to condensation especially when you’re using the perforated radiant barrier. This condition is common when there are extreme temperature differences between the air above and the air below the barrier. This condition is typical of the winter periods.

Tips On Installing A Radiant Barrier

There are some key important tips to adhere to when installing a radiant barrier. These tips will help shorten the installation time and improve on the quality of your installation.
Tip 1: Start early
Mornings are the best times for installing the radiant barrier. In the morning, the attic space is at its coolest and therefore ideal for the installation.
Tip 2: Move all your tools into the attic space
Ensure to move all the materials you need for installation into the attic space before beginning. This will save you the time of climbing in and out of the attic space.
Tip 3: Keep a reasonable amount of water around
Endeavor to take plenty of water available. Ensure to drink and keep your body hydrated even when you are not thirsty. In the summer, the temperature can become very high as the sun rises.
Tip 4: Carry a backup light
Ensure to carry a backup light especially if your attic space is not well lit. Installing the radiant barrier may even take longer than you expect, therefore, having an alternative light source in case it gets dark is not a bad idea.
Tip 5: Find a good spot to set up your work area
It is ideal to find a central location to set up your workspace. This makes it a lot easier to move between your workspace and your tools.
Tip 6: Watch your steps
Ensure to watch where you put your foot. Some attic floor joists may collapse when you step on them. This is common especially if the joists are not firmly fastened to the attic floor. You do not want to cause a substantial amount of damage to your attic space.
Tip 7: Take a small portion at a time

If you’re installing the radiant barrier yourself, it is very important to take a small portion at a time. Avoid doing it all at once. It will pay you more if you spread out your work over a couple of days. It makes the work easier and you achieve better results. For the professional contractors, it is important to work in groups of twos or threes and split the work into smaller portions for the more effective result. Division of labor is certainly one way to cut down on installation time.

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