Comfort Zone CZ499R Heater ReviewDuring winter we all start to shiver in cold and the first thing we think of, we will buy a heater as soon as possible. We do start browsing through and even visit some shops. But always get confused or can’t take the decision of what we should buy. Let me come to your assist. You should check Comfort Zone cz499r heater to ensure you can get the best output possible with it. I am sure you want to know how is that, right? Read through.

An average house has 370 m3 of air. This means that a fireplace can replace the air of a complete house in 1.5 hours. This drawn in air is colder than 20 degrees in the winter and will, therefore, have to be warmed up again by the central heating system. However, because the fireplace is often together with the thermostat in the living room, the room thermostat will not catch on because the room is already warm enough. The result is that the rest of the house (kitchen, bedrooms, etc.) can cool down considerably. As soon as the fireplace opens late in the evening, this cold air will eventually end up in the living room so that (probably only the next day) the thermostat will start to heat up all the cold air again.
Instead of a fireplace, you better use a space heater with its own air supply for heating up your house. Such a heater is, in fact, a closed system that extracts its own combustion air from outside via a pipe. The pipe must then be directly connected to the outside air. Such an air supply tube can be processed underground or directly through the outer wall if the situation makes it possible. The space heater now no longer draws air into the house, there is no more cooling due to the intake of cold air.

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Comfort Zone cz499r heater has high efficiency. Conventional space heaters use natural gas burners or electric heating elements whose efficiency is always less than 100%. This space heater is very economical with energy and therefore reduces the environment less than its conventional counterparts.
If a house is equipped with balance ventilation, then it is absolutely necessary that a space heater has its own closed air supply and drainage because otherwise an imbalance may occur.

Today, a new building is often equipped with space heaters that take care of both the room and the tap water heating. When using a space heater, it is sufficient to use a simpler heater that only provides space heating.

TheComfort Zone cz499r heater is a solution for locations where there is no gas pipeline in the vicinity or available. It should be taken into account that the air temperature is too low (mainly in winter) or with strong polluting and aggressive vapors. Examples of applications: campsites, recreational areas, sports facilities, mobile applications (market vehicles) and livestock stalls.

Benefits Of Comfort Zone CZ499R Heater



Comfort Zone cz499r heater is a very effective way to get more comfortable in the house very quickly and to immediately save on your energy consumption. We list all the advantages of Comfort Zone cz499r heater:

• keeps the heat inside
• Rooms are pleasantly warm
• Comfort zone CZ499R heater work away silently
• Easy to apply
• Cheap in purchase
• Recouped within a few days or weeks

The Saving With Comfort Zone CZ499R Heater

Much less heat is lost when Comfort Zone cz499r heater is installed. The size of this saving depends on how well the room is already insulated, the efficiency of the central heating boiler, and how often you heat the room. On average, Comfort Zone cz499r heater provides a saving of approximately 10 m3 of gas per year per square meter of heat (when the wall is not extra insulated). If you live in a house where the insulation is good, you still save half of it.

How You Choose The Right Space Heater

The differences between the various brands of space heater are not very large. Just pay attention to where to apply the Comfort Zone cz499r heater. Some types of space heaters you put against the wall, others on a table top. We recommend Comfort Zone cz499r heater that you apply on table tops. We have two reasons for this: Comfort Zone cz499r heater on tabletop reflects more heat, Comfort Zone cz499r heater is very easy to apply, even if you have two left hands.

• Measure how large the heater is
• Are you going to attach the heater to the radiator? Then apply

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the supplied magnetic strips• Are you going to attach the heater to the wall? Then apply double-sided tape. Make sure you buy double-sided tape that can withstand high temperatures

• Lower the Comfort Zone cz499r heater behind the radiator and press it in the desired location


Do you want to go even further than just apply Comfort Zone cz499r heater? The climate in the home is also largely determined by the humidity level. If you ensure that your house has the ideal humidity, you will notice that the indoor climate feels a lot nicer.

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