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Infrared heaters have become an increasingly popular way for homeowners to heat up their homes during the cold winter months. This is how it works: the interior surrounding gets warmed up when infrared rays are emitted and absorbed by bodies close to the heater. Among other Comfort Zone heater reviews, this one captures everything you wish to know about the Comfort Zone infrared heater.

Design Features

Comfort Zone Infrared Heater
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The Comfort Zone infrared heater uses a Fan-forced, Digital and Quartz technology. The heater is primarily designed to operate with 6 high power quartz infrared emitters and 3 copper heat exchangers. The heated air inside is dispersed out to warm objects in their immediate vicinity. The presence of a Fan speeds up the functionality of the infrared heater. The air drawn by the fan is forced over the heated coils and disperse the heat inside your room space. Different from other heaters, the Comfort Zone infrared heater CZ2011B has a whisper quiet operation. The CZ2011B version of the Comfort Zone infrared heater comes with a black finish which matches with any décor. It is encased in a cool-to-the-touch exterior wood cabinet and fitted with swivel casters for easy movement to wherever you wish to place it in a room. Two great features of the comfort zone heater are its 12-hour auto-on or auto-off timer and digital thermostat (ranges from 59°-86° Fahrenheit). These features allow the user to automatically switch the heater on an off when the temperature fluctuates.

The Comfort Zone infrared heater CZ2011B has a Voltage and frequency rating of 120 V and 60Hz respectively. It requires 1000 to 1500 Watts, 12.5 Amps, to produce an output of 5120 BTUs per hour. The heater has a three-blade grounding-type plug which comes with an adaptor for connecting it to a two-slot receptacle. The cord clamp at the back of the heater is useful in holding the cord in place. The design of the Comfort Zone heater features a galvanized interior heat chamber, 6 ft. grounded AWB cords and a backlit LCD display. Using the LCD display you can change the modes of operation, set the timer or switch OFF or ON the heater. The full function remote control comes in handy when you don’t wish to use the controls below the LCD display.

Comfort Zone Heater Operations

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You can operate or turn on the Comfort Zone infrared heater CZ2011B using the control panel on the heater or the supplied remote control. The remote control allows you to power on or off the heater, set the timer, set the temperature and select the running mode. The control panel consists of the Mode, On/Off, Timer Power-On/Off, and Temperature Down and Up buttons. The LCD display indicates when the energy-saving mode, low mode and high mode indicators and the timer functions (auto-on or auto-off mode) are on. The Comfort Zone heater display also indicates when the fan is running, and when the operation buttons are locked and the set temperature and time increment. The Comfort Zone infrared heater can effectively heat a room of more than 800 sq. ft. The heater is more efficient and less costly when it runs on the energy-saving mode. Set at the middle mode, the Comfort Zone heater will turn off when it reaches a degree above the setting and turn on when it falls a degree below the setting. The high mode runs on 1500 watts, the middle mode runs on 750 watts and the low mode runs on 1000 watts. The heater has an energy-saving function labelled ECO mode. Running on this mode, the heater switches from high to low mode and starts consuming 1/3 less power when the room temperature matches the set temperature point.

Safety Precautions

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You don’t have to worry about safety when you are using the Comfort Zone infrared heater. The heater comes with a safety tip-over feature, which uses a cut-off switch, to switch the heater off once it is tipped over. This feature resets the heater to an upright zero position. That’s not all, the Comfort Zone infrared heater is equipped with an overheat safety feature. This function shuts the heater off when the internal components temperature builds up to a level that could cause overheat or fire. This mostly occurs when the air intake and outlet vents are blocked due to inappropriate installation. When this feature is triggered, you have to first turn off the unit, unplug it and wait for about 10 minutes before you can plug it in and reset it. As much as the heater is efficient in warming up your room, caution should be observed by keeping away combustible materials (towels, papers and clothes) from the sides, in front or on the surface of the heater.


An advantage on this heater is that it does not run on either liquid propane or natural gas. The lowest temperature of the heater is 59 0F, while the highest is 86 0F. The Comfort Zone infrared heater doesn’t cool too fast when switched off, the fun continues to run for up to 4 minutes to cool down the infrared Quartz elements and use up all the residual heat inside the unit.


Comfort Zone Infrared Heater
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When heaters are turned on, for the first time, there is an odor of something burning coming out of it. This smell should last for at most 15 minutes. Unfortunately, infrared heaters warm objects in their immediate vicinity. The Comfort Zone infrared heater warms areas that are in front of it when placed in an area with limited obstruction. The Comfort Zone heater reviews suggest that you can easily warm your house for as low as $215.00.

The infrared heater comes with a warranty of 1 year with a guarantee that you will receive a product that is free of defects in material and workmanship. However, the warranty limitations vary from state to state.

Final Verdict

The Comfort Zone infrared heater CZ2011B is ideal for homeowners who wish to switch from propane or natural gas powered heaters to electric ones. This works perfect to someone who intends to quickly and efficiently warm a room of up to 1000 sq. ft. Get one for your living room and experience the value for your money during the cold season. Click here to check on Amazon, the may have put a discount on it.

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