Safe Space Heaters For Baby Room

Kids are the most precious thing in the world. Taking care of them is naturally number one priority for any parent. During cold months, kids suffer the most and it’s vital to protect them from colds, the flu or even worst conditions that come along with winter. This is especially important during the night when they’re more vulnerable.

Buying a safe space heater for baby rooms is determinant for this mission, especially on those places where winters are inclement. But it’s also a matter of safety, as not every space heater out there is suitable for kids; actually come may even be incredibly dangerous. Several safety features must be taken into consideration when it comes to baby or nursery heaters. But, safety is only one of the things to consider, as some babies need complete quiet while other need some white noise when it’s bedtime.

Finally, other technic specifications as your kid’s room size, the minimum temperature it gets outside and your situation about budget or power source must also be taken into account for buying a baby safe space heater. In order to help you with this task, we’ve listed 7 excellent options you can easily find in Amazon and are the best space heaters for nursery and baby room.

Best Brand In Heaters For Baby Room

Vornado heaters are practically designed to be the best space heaters for nursery or baby room. They come with a great design and features that will give you peace of mind when it comes to baby safe space heaters while offering an excellent performance.

Vornadobaby Sunny Nursery Heater

Vornadobaby Eh1-0089-57 Sunny Nursery Heater
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If your baby is one of those with light sleep and you are looking for a quiet space heater for nursery, this is your choice. Of course, “quietness” is a bit of a subjective feature, especially when it comes to fan heaters. This unit counts with a very light white sound coming from the fan blow, but when it comes to this kind of nursery heaters, this is probably the quietest option you’ll find and it will be barely noticeable on a whole nursery. On the other hand, if your baby still needs that white noise, then this is more than a perfect heater for baby room. Have into consideration that most heaters that are completely quiet, such as quartz infrared heaters, also present other features that may not be as safe as they should when it comes to children. This, on the contrary, is without a doubt the safest heater for baby room and nursery. Let’s see why. Vornado is the only available brand in Amazon that takes extra-care when it comes to kids’ safety and this specific model is the best heater for baby room. Many brands cover the minimum, which is over-heat shut-off and tip-over shut-off. This model covers those too, but it also includes hidden and hard-to-reach cord storage in the base that avoids kids from toying with the plug or stumbling with the wires. Maybe the best safety feature on this fan is the curiosity-proof lock on, that prevents the kids from accidentally starting the heater without the parents knowing. This way, the kid is allowed to play with the attractive and soft buttons without any risk. But the fact that it’s completely cool-to-touch is also pretty remarkable, you won’t ever need to worry about your kid burning when touching or if stumbling onto this heater, even when in high! The design is another great safety feature on this heater for baby room; you won’t find any sharp edge or pinch points in this unit and even the fan blades are protected against curious fingers. When it comes to the heating part, Vornado’s vortex airflow is an excellent way to keep your baby warm. It gently warms the air around the baby and room, making it flow to keep it cozy, without having cold or hot spots.


  • Bunch of safety features particularly designed with kids’ safety (and curious nature) in mind.
  • Toy-like safe and practical design.
  • 2-heat settings and 2-fan settings with adjustable thermostat allow keeping the baby’s room at the exact wanted temperature.
  • The overheating shut off comes in two stages making it safe whether there’s accidental heat and even if the baby threw his blanket and covered the heater.
  • Cords are hidden and buttons are locked so the baby can play with the unit when it’s off without any risk.
  • Gentle air circulation technology avoids the baby to be too warm too quickly or passing from too hot to too cold.


  • While it’s almost whispering quietly if your baby needs COMPLETE silence to sleep, this may bother him a bit.
  • Controls may be a bit confusing to figure out and icons are pretty similar, but once you get it, it will be fine.
  • Lacks on/off feature.
  • The lock-on feature works only to turn it on, once it’s turned on, toddlers can mess with the heat.

Kids Safe Space Heater

Home Duraflame Portable Electric Infrared Heater

Twin Star Home Duraflame 9HM8101
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While not being specially designed as a heater for baby room, Duraflame does make baby safe space heaters. This unit, in particular, the Twin Star Home, has almost all the features to be the safest heater for baby room, except for the fact it does have some pointy edges as it’s designed as a wooden box and the buttons are not locked. But that’s something that can easily be solved by putting it over a high furniture, out of the reach of children.

Other than that, it accomplishes most safety features as it has an overheat shut-off option and if fallen or eventually reached by kids, the surface stays completely cool-to-the-touch, so you’re sure no kid or pet will get burned, even when this is a quartz unit. Nevertheless, its squared design makes it very stable and hard to tip over. Maybe the most important feature for some parents/kids is that the infrared-quartz technology is COMPLETELY silent. This means that unlike the previous model that does make some slight white noise, this will be perfect if your baby has the lightest sleep. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a whole nursery heater, this unit is more than perfect, as its 5,200 BTU’s can warm up an enclosed area up to 1,000 sq. ft. This means you can put the heater on a high safe place where kids can’t reach it, and it will still easily warm up to the farther corner. Besides, as it is infrared heating, you can rest assured it will keep the humidity on the room, protecting the delicate skin of children. But don’t worry! If you’re only looking for a baby safe heater for baby room, this unit can work too, as the adjustable thermostat allows regulating the temperature to the desired point. As it has digital controls, you won’t even have to worry about the accuracy of the temperature; you can regulate it degree by degree!


  • Strong BTU makes it an ideal nursery heater.
  • If you’re looking for a quiet heater for nursery, this is your choice.
  • Safety features and cool-to-touch surface makes it a baby safe space heater.
  • Digital controls allow very precise temperature adjustment.
  • Comes with a remote controller so you can place it on a high out-of-the-reach-of-kids place and still control it easily.
  • Electronic timer function.
  • Preserves humidity for protecting soft baby skins.
  • Concealed furniture quality casters for moving the unit wherever you want.
  • Solid hardwood construction makes it resistant to hard use (maybe kids manipulating it when off?).


  • Doesn’t include tip-over switch.
  • It does have pointy edges.
  • If the nursery or the baby room is too small, this unit may be too powerful.
  • Increases electric bill a bit.
  • The large-area heating is considerably reduced if freezing temperatures outside.

Programmable Space Heater

Pelonis Digital Radiator Heater With Remote Control

PELONIS NY1507-14A Digital Radiator Heater with Remote Control
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For many parents/caretakers, one of the most important features is that the temperature remains consistent or might be programmable, especially during the night, so the baby won’t wake up because he’s too cold or too hot. If this is your case, then this is the best space heater for nursery or heater for baby room. The Pelonis unit has almost every feature that you need with the comfortable extra of being completely programmable. This makes it a very good nursery heater as you can simply program your daily desired temperature and also program it to automatically turn on/off at the desired hours. Also, it counts with a 10 hour / 2-hour interval timer and a remote controller for maximum comfort, and you can even program the temperature increase and decrease! Forget about letting kids unsupervised while trying to program and adjust your heater every day. While it’s not exactly designed for kids, this is also a baby safe space heater; it offers tip over shut-off, overheating shut-off, power light indicator, and convenient wheels to easily move it in case of any special activity or messy situation. One of the best features is that it’s really easy to clean; simply disconnect it and let cool for around 10 minutes and then wipe it with a damp cloth. And, as this heater is no-rechargeable oil filled, there’s no need for difficult maintenance, perfect for nursery use! Another great feature that makes it a good heater for baby room is that it’s TOTALLY quiet. If your baby has a very light sleep, this is perfect, as well as an ideal quiet space heater for nursery. And as it maintains the humidity in the room, it won’t dry out kids’ or babies’ delicate skin.


  • Programmable space heater allows adjusting all the heating functionalities for maximum comfort
  • making it one of the best space heaters for nursery.
  • Safety and easy-to-maintain features perfect for nursery usage.
  • Three heating settings lo, high and eco mode (this last keeps heat while the surface remains cool-to-touch making a safe heater for baby room).
  • 5 temperature settings.
  • Remote controller.
  • Wheels for easy transport.
  • Convenient cord storage.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.


  • Needs a 10-20 minutes warm-up period before it starts heating.
  • Works best in small-to-middle rooms. Not ideal for big nurseries.
  • When you first use it, you’ll need to let it work out for a few hours so the paint cures.

Other Options

Nikko Heater – Tip-Over Protection – Dust Filter

Nikko Heater (Ul Listed) - 5200 Btu
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While it’s currently out of stock (that’s why it isn’t on the first top reviews) this little portable heater also covers most of the features that make it a baby safe space heater. Also, it happens to be UL certified which not many heaters can claim to be, that’s why so hard to find safe heaters. Its ceramic technology puts out a maximum high temperature of 250° F but also includes a medium and low setting and even a fan only setting. It comes with tip over switch and overheating shut-off for maximum safety and the most important, it’s COMPLETELY cool to touch. It also includes a removable dust filter which makes it perfect in case of dust allergic or asthmatic kids. On the bad side, it’s designed for small rooms so maybe it will be a perfect heater for baby room but not for institutionalized nurseries (a home-nursery could be fine). It can’t be used in humid areas, so take that into consideration. Finally, if your kid is annoyed by noise, then this is not the heater for you as it does have a rattling noise (perfect if your kid needs white noise for sleeping though).

Delonghi Comfort Room Radiant Heater

DeLonghi KH390715CM Comfort Temp Full Room Radiant Heater, Light Gray
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Very similar to the Pelonis, this DeLonghi unit has some minor disadvantages. While it does have a thermostat and adjustable temperature settings, it’s not programmable as the Pelonis and doesn’t include a remote controller. Also, the thermostat is not digital but knob controlled and it’s not marked, so you don’t exactly know which temperature you’re setting it up. It offers a “ComfortTemp” feature that supposedly keeps a comfortable temperature but that’s a mysterious temperature that can’t be actually programmed or adjust. Other than that, this is a good nursery heater or heater for baby room as it does offer safety features as cool-to-touch surface, overheating and tip over shut-off and also provide three heat settings to adjust to the size of the room. Finally, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require too much maintenance which is important with the hard use a nursery requires, and it comes with snap wheels for easily moving when needed.

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